Del Rio High School athletic training

This program is for boys and girls, grades 7-12,  who enjoy helping others and like being around the sport setting.  It is primarily an after school program, but a new class is being offered at the high school during the 08-09 year called Sports Medicine I.  Sports Medicine I is an introduction to the Athletic Training field.

The High School Athletic Training Program is composed of 20 quality students, male and female, who have an interest in working with sports related injuries.  They work all sports.  Those with more senority get to pick the sports they wish to work.

Student Trainers travel with all sports and are the primary caregiver for athletes in the absence of a licensed trainer.  Their hard work, dedication and knowledge is what keeps Del Rio High School Athletics at the top of its game.

Sports Medicine I Course Outline 
What is an Athletic Trainer?
Student Trainer Application 2016-2017
Athletic Training Procedures Manual
Heat Illness Information
Concussion Protocol
Parent-Coach Pamphlet
2016-2017 Physical Packet