Family Advocacy

Parental involvement at Cardwell Head Start is a positive influence on children's achievement, attendance, attitudes, behavior, and graduation rate, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, and socioeconomics.  We inspire, motivate and encourage parental involvement especially in the areas of literacy, science, and mathematics.

Cardwell staff is a strong believer that through actively getting parents productively involved in their children’s hands-on science program for example, there will be an increase in science and literacy. The science committee will provide training on science activities, the scientific method, and will provide the necessary support to ensure academic success. Teachers appreciate parents' contributions as instructional resources, and students look forward to seeing their parents involved. 

Parents, caregivers, and school staff have common goals for children and parent support is one of the most important factors influencing learning. The benefits of family involvement in improving students' academic performance are well documented, as have its effects on improved school attendance.


Family Service/Parental Assistants

Edna Barrera

Adelaida Fuentes

Viola Guadiana

David Martinez

Mary Mota 

Josie Nieto

Mari Rios      

Santa Sandoval