Office Directory

Position  Staff  Assignment  Phone Number 
Department Main Line       830-778-4250 
Director Dr. Diana Aguirre  District     830-778-4253
Financial Analyst Elizabeth (Lisa) Gonzalez  Office  830-778-4253 
SPED/504/Dyslexia Administrative Assistant Ariel Lozano Office 830-778-4251
SPED Records Letz Reyna  Office  830-778-4258
SERS-SEMS Clerk    Sandra Salas Office  830-778-4250
PIEMS/Medicaid Chastity Taylor Office 830-778-4254
Clerk/Assistive Technology Yarixa Espinoza Office 830-778-4256
Diagnostician Coordinator Susan McBee Office  830-778-4278
Appraisal Coordinator/LSSP  Sherry Galindo District  830-778-4262
Speech Coordinator  Monica Fernandez District  830-778-4263
Diagnostician Delia Carranza DRFS/DRMS 830-778-4289
Diagnostician Michelle Clark DRMS/Lonnie Green 830-778-4285
Diagnostician Josie Ortiz SFMMS/Chavira/Lamar 830-778-4285
Diagnostician Irma Ramos ECI/Community/Garfield/Cardwell 830-778-4261
Diagnostician Pam Schkade North Heights/Calderon/DRHS - LS (8th Grade) 830-778-4289
Diagnostician Gloria Zuniga DRHS/Buena Vista 830-778-4290
Diagnostician Enriqueta Fuentes DRHS/DRFS-LS/Buena Vista 830-778-4250
Speech-Language Pathologist Veronica Arredondo Calderon/DRMS/DRMS Autism Unit/NH-LS 830-778-4622
Speech-Language Pathologist  Marisa Caban  Lonnie Green/Chavira/Homebound 830-778-4753
Speech-Language Pathologist Debbie Cantu North Heights/SFMMS 830-778-4265
Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Ann Darley Cardwell Language Lab/PPCD (AM) 830-778-4643
Speech-Language Pathologist Kathryn McWilliams Buena Vista/DRMS-LS/DRFS/DRHS 830-778-4612
Speech-Language Pahtologist Georgina Mendoza Garfield/Lamar 830-778-4714
Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Eliseo Rodriguez Cardwell/Membership/PPCD(PM) 830-778-4441
Behavior Specialist Jessica Longo Garfield/Buena Vista/SFMMS/Calderon/Chavira/DRMS/DRFS 830-778-1332
Behavior Specialist Genevieve Rodriguez North Heights/Lonnie Green/Lamar/Cardwell/DRHS 830-778-4767
Special Education Counselor Jesus Garcia District 830-778-4260
OT  (Occupational Therapist)  Contract  District 830-778-4250
PT (Physical Therapist)  Dayna Taylor (PT) & Marianne Stephens (PTA)  District  830-778-4771
APE  (Adapted Physical Education)  Al Soto  District 830-778-4268
Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments  Araceli Faz & Lucha Ramirez District  830-778-4774
Teacher of Students with Auditory Impairments  Donna Kelly District  830-778-4575
Department of Special Education FAX – Main     830-778-4930